It is not a good time to own retail property in secondary markets as many big retailers continue to make cuts.

Americans are saving rather than spending for the time being.

Oil based state economies have been holding up surprisingly well… far.

The ugly side of development: China used more cement from 2011 to 2013 than the US did in the entire 20th century.  Development on this massive scale has lead to huge demand for sand exports (yes, sand) from 3rd world countries, leading to organized crime, murder and environmental issues.

Pretty much everything that the media keeps telling you about millennials is BS.


Must Read Story of the Day: the legal quirk that allows some defaulted borrowers in judicial foreclosure states to keep their homes without having to pay another dime.

And the bear said….

Housing prices are now growing 13 times faster than wages while supply remains low.  If you think this is sustainable, please raise your hand.  Just be glad you don’t live in Dallas.

And the bull said…..

Interest rates could stay low for longer than almost anyone thinks and builder applications are indicating that housing starts are going way up in the next 2 months.

And the people say…..

Old people from cold climates are moving to Florida.  Also, water is wet.

California Drought

As the California drought continues, Americans may need to begin looking elsewhere for some of their produce.  In the meantime, local governments are beginning to crack down on swimming pool owners in an effort to save water and a new billion dollar desalination plant in Carlsbad will begin making seawater drinkable by the end of 2015.


A small group of commodity traders absolutely killed it betting against oil over eh past few months.

Chart of the Day



New Zealand is running out of marijuana.  In related news, fast food restaurants there are doing horribly.

Warning: Do not read this unless you are ok with becoming totally unproductive: you can now play Pac-Man in Google Maps.


Landmark Links – A candid look at the economy, real estate, and other things sometimes related.


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