Quote of the day….”The composition of cities is changing more than the behaviors of college-educated young adults are.” – Jed Kolko explaining how Millennials are not nearly as urban as often portrayed.


Jobless Claims in the US are now the lowest that they have been in 15 years.  However, not all is well in the jobs market as jobs that could be classified as ‘routine’ are going the way of the dodo.  At the same time, some more specialized occupations could be setting up for faster wage growth.  Next on the unemployment line? The sheep dog.  Farmers are now using drones to herd sheep.

The Chinese stock market is going bat-shit crazy to the upside which is causing an awful lot of consternation on Wall Street (and comparisons to the US Dot-Com Bubble).

You are no longer permitted to complain about the yield on your checking account: Switzerland just became the first government in history to sell 10 year bonds at a NEGATIVE interest rate.


Want to know how popular Uber really is?  It now accounts for 47% of all rides expensed by employees whose companies use Certify (the second largest expense management software provider). See also: Uber’s new strategy – currently being tested in San Antonio – is to pull out of markets where politicians enact regulations to attack it.


The Los Angeles market has a fever and the only cure is more houses.  Related: Would you spend $2.23 million on a 600sf condo?

Home buyers who went through foreclosures are now re-entering the market as their credit improves but will they be able to actually find a home as inventory continues to stay depressed.


Instant gratification: Tinder is experiencing incredible growth by appealing to a young demographic. while eHarmony’s revenue growth has slowed.

The American beer industry has made an impressive comeback with the rise of craft beer.

Fantasy sports in general and daily fantasy leagues in particular have altered the landscape of professional sports.

Chart of the Day

Thanks, NIMBY’s: In 1960, Los Angeles had space for 10 million people.  Today it only has space for 4.3 million:


Source: Curbed Los Angeles


In honor of Masters: here is a way to work on your shitty putting game.

Not from The Onion: A Florida Woman (of course she was from Florida) was charged with Goldfish Mass Murder (yes, goldfish)

Landmark Links – A candid look at the economy, real estate, and other things sometimes related.


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