Landmark Links June 19th – Hey Everybody! We’re All Gonna Get…..


Lead Story: The US Birth rate has hit a turning point and is on the rise again.  This is a good thing for the economy as it leads to more consumption and higher levels of household creation.  As Rodney Dangerfield once said….


Not Yet: The Fed didn’t raise rates this week and have continued to lower their rate forecast which is now falling more in line with what the futures market has been saying for some time.

In international news, it turns out that the Greeks are a lot like us.  More and more young people are moving in with their parents (and having less kids) as unemployment for people under 25 hovers around a whopping 50%.


A Return to Sanity? The US housing market has resembled a yo-yo over the past decade, characterized by extreme price swings and periods of dramatic over and under supply. There are several signs that pricing in particular and the market in general are returning to some level of sanity.  The same can’t necessarily be said for rents which are going sky high as vacancy rates fall to a record low and helps to explain why for-rent housing is accounting for a larger percentage of building permits.


At Odds: California currently faces two dueling crisis’s: a major drought and a massive housing affordability  crisis.  Builders are doing everything they can to make houses more energy efficient in an effort to keep building new homes and lessen their environmental impact but is it enough?

Not Just California: Colorado is in a major drought as well and their water rules are even more bizarre than ours.     

Charts of the Day

Apartments are accounting for a larger and larger percentage of private housing permits as vacancy continues to fall and rents continue to rise.

Source: Sober Look


Uber Screwed?  Uber’s business model may have just hit a major pothole that has big implications for the rest of the “Sharing Economy.”  The California Labor Commission found that Uber’s drivers are employees, not contractors.  Uber is appealing the decision but this could be a big blow to their cost structure…..and their 40 billion dollar valuation.

Greatest Ride Ever: This video breaking down surfer Jamie O’Brien’s board-switch ride on a 25 foot wave at The Wedge last summer is amazing.

Party like its 1999: High-flying tech companies are once again using shady accounting to hide the real costs of stock-based compensation.  Wonderful.


Must Read of the Day: The 20 Essential Rules of Workplace Bathroom Etiquette.

Taking Things too Literally:  A couple people in the news taking the names of stores a bit too literally. Check out what a woman did while shopping at B&M Bargains and what a guy did outside of a Kum & Go Convenience Store.

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Landmark Links June 19th – Hey Everybody! We’re All Gonna Get…..

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