Landmark Links June 23rd – Spanish for The Nino


Lead Story: Ready or not, El Nino is gaining strength (leading to bizarre stories like this) and is about to wreak even more havoc on world weather patterns and the economy.


Don’t Mess: Texas has had a rough few months as oil and gas prices tumbled and job losses mounted.  However, the state’s economy is proving to be quite resilient as job growth boomed in May.

Speaking of Texas… Now that the oil boom has turned bust, here are the 18 US markets that are expected to have the most economic growth next year.


Don’t Call It A Comeback: The long-dormant first time buyer appears to be making a comeback, driving existing US Home sales to their highest level since 2009.  It’s not just existing sales that are benefiting.  New home sales jumped to a 7-year high in May. However, despite the increase in activity, there is a compelling case to be made that the home building industry will never get back to the level that it was at in 2006.

On the negative side, every county in the US is now facing an affordable housing crisis and  rate increases will likely be the ultimate test of the markets strength, especially in the most expensive cities.  In the meantime, rents just keep going higher.


Agricultural Water Use by the Numbers: Everything you ever wanted to know about how much water the California agricultural industry actually uses.

Chart of the Day

How much will rising mortgage rates affect the cost of home ownership in your city

Source: Wall Street Journal


Arm and a Leg: Theme parks like Disney World, once a haven for working families have become so expensive that they have largely priced themselves out of the market for middle class vacationers.


Inefficient Market: How the price of pot differs in 50 states and 8 major cities

What Were They Thinking When They Designed THAT:  This gallery of highly inappropriate playground equipment is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

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Landmark Links June 23rd – Spanish for The Nino

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