Landmark Links – August 14th Baby Got (Sale-Lease) Back


Lead Story…. As commercial real estate values continue to rise, the sale-lease-back is becoming an increasingly popular method for companies to raise capital and secure a long-term location.


To Hike or Not to Hike: Leading Fed Economist Dim Duy says that the Fed may have already engineered a soft landing by tapering. There is an increasing rift between Fed staff economists and voting members as to whether the economy can stomach rising rates. See Also: Is mediocre income growth here to stay?

Calculated Gamble: Here’s what China has to gain by devaluing its currency

Bom-chika-bow-wow: The Millennial baby boom is on the verge of happening. See Also: US births increased in 2014. However: The brutal economics of childcare are putting young families in a pinch.

Residential – Kenny Rogers Edition

Know When to Hold ‘Em: Banks are increasingly holding the mortgages they originate rather than selling them off for securitization.

Know When to Fold ‘Em: John Paulson is starting to cash in on the big land bets that he made coming out of the Great Recession.


Shots Fired: Why it’s better to live near a Trader Joe’s than a Whole Foods.

LANDMARK LINKS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Landmark Links has obtained exclusive locker room video of the punch that knocked Jets QB Gino Smith out for the next 6-10 weeks.

Chart of the Day

Banks are actually holding mortgages again:


To Puff or Not to Puff: New forensic science indicates that William Shakespeare and Snoop Dogg have more in common than previously thought.

New Study: The most absurd news headlines from each state.

Crisis: Internet nearly breaks over unflattering courtroom sketch of Tom Brady. Artist apologizes. (h/t Tom Farrell)

Dirty Bird: Meet the pigeon who got busted smuggling drugs into a Costa Rican prison.

Thailand Sounds Fun: Two people in Thailand were sentenced to 28-30 years by a military court for insulting the Monarchy on Facebook.

Side Show: Meet the woman with the worlds longest tongue.

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Landmark Links – August 14th Baby Got (Sale-Lease) Back

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