Landmark Links September 15th – Difficult to Lift


Lead Story…. In the past seven years, more than a dozen central banks have tried to raise rates.  Each has been forced to retreat.  You’re up next, Federal Reserve.


Stealth Tightening: Goldman Sachs says that tighter financing conditions that resulted from multiple international financial setbacks this summer have been the equivalent of the Fed hiking rates 75 basis points.

New Fuel: When it comes to supply for bond securitizations, commercial credit has become the new mortgage credit.


Upward Trajectory: An improving US economy and shrinking inventory has been fueling the strong commercial real estate market.

Big Bet: Hines bought a large 87% empty office park near the airport in Orange County that used to be Washington Mutual’s regional headquarters.


Not Stopping: California is continuing to build houses despite the drought as the housing shortage and additional water efficiency in new homes (currently) outweighs dwindling water supplies.  (h/t Doug Jorritsma)

The Case of the Missing Construction Workers: The construction industry saw it’s ranks decimated during the Great Recession.  As the market has improved, the industry has struggled to rebuild its workforce, effectively putting a cap on housing starts as more job openings have become available.

Staying Put: A new Zillow study found that renters are less likely to buy in the next 12 months than they were at this time last year.

Stone Idol: The fascinating story of how granite counter tops went from a niche product to an American obsession.


(Not) Shocking Study: For-profit schools bear most of the responsibility for ever-increasing student loan defaults.


Game Changer: Here’s why Apple’s new subscription model is a game changer for how we buy smart phones.

Stylus Styling: Steve Jobs must have rolled over in his grave last week when Apple announced that the new iPad Pro will have a stylus.

Desperation:  Tinder just added a “Super Like” button so that users can show just how desperate they are.

Chart of the Day


Getting to the Bottom of Things: Check out how Thai police discovered and recovered a stolen diamond from a jewel thief.

Have it Your Way: I don’t think that what happened in a Florida Burger King was what the company had in mind when they came up with their slogan.

Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed: A Florida man was busted when he accidentally texted a narcotics officer while looking for pot.

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Landmark Links September 15th – Difficult to Lift

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