Landmark Links September 22nd – Irony


Lead Story…. A new study from Zillow finds that increased student loan debt has very little effect on holders of a bachelor’s degree or greater when it comes to home ownership. However, it has a far more substantial effect on those with an associate’s degree or less.


Zero Point Zero: Global risks and a rising dollar have limited the Federal Reserve’s options and left rates stuck at 0%.

Rising Middle:  The middle class hasn’t fared too well the past few decades.  However, the upper middle class is doing just fine.  See Also: the richest counties in America all have one thing in common – the don’t include any major cities.

Falling Farmland: With the American west in the midst of an epic drought, conventional wisdom would indicate that farmland prices should be rising.  However, farmland prices have been falling at an annualized basis of 6-7% per year and have been doing so since 2013.

New Land of Opportunity: China’s many problems could be India’s gain.

Better Balance Sheets: US Household net worth continues to rise while household leverage continues to fall back to the levels of the mid-1980s proving that deleveraging isn’t always bad for growth.


Still Rising: CoStar’s latest composite price index shows 12% year-over-year price growth in commercial real estate but prices moderated some in July.

Not Eating Their Own Cooking: Even some multi-family landlords think that rents are getting out of hand as rent growth expectations slow.


Silver Lining: Existing sales fell in August by 4.8%.  However, the share of first time buyers increased.

Construction Cost Conundrum: John Burns’ latest presentation on how our immigration situation is affecting the construction industry is a must read.

The Rent is too Damn High: Millions of households could join the ranks of those spending more than half of their income on rent in the next decade according to a new study from Harvard.  See Also: Single family landlords Starwood Waypoint and Colony American Homes are merging in a bet that rents will continue to rise and homes will remain difficult for Americans to buy.


Alternate Meaning: How the Term “Netflix and Chill” became internet slang for something that involves neither Netflix nor chilling.

Even Worse than United: Shockingly, Air Koryo, North Korea’s national airline was rated worst in the industry again.  “Like its supreme leader, North Korea’s flag-carrier, Air Koryo, also occupies a role as a pantomime baddy, with a reputation for unprofessional service, bad food, old planes and awful in-flight entertainment consisting of propaganda music videos of patriotic song. Photography is reportedly banned and even benign acts such as screwing up a newspaper with Mr Kim’s image on it can apparently result in a stern reprimand.”

Finally: A Chinese company might start construction on a bullet train from LA to Vegas as early as next year because people actually want to go to both LA and Vegas. Not to be outdone, California continues to try to build a high speed rail from Fresno to Bakersfield, because absolutely no one wants to go to Fresno or Bakersfield.

Chart of the Day

Source: Washington Post


Bigorexia, the extreme desire to have large muscles is apparently now a thing and raises some serious health issues.

Don’t Tell My Wife About This: China now has a boot camp to break people of their cell phone addiction.

Concealed Carry: How to carry a concealed weapon if your morbidly obese (do not click on this unless you have a strong stomach).

How Not to Drink: Baseball game edition. 

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Landmark Links September 22nd – Irony

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