Landmark Links October 30th – Inverted


Lead Story…. Despite the apartment boom, very few Class B buildings have been built as builders continue to focus on the high end. As a result, Class B buildings, which have enjoyed the benefit of job growth without the drag of new supply now have better fundamentals than Class A properties in some markets.


Losing Control? Here’s how surging levels of cash held by money market funds could impact the Fed’s ability to control short term rates.

Underemployment: The 6 million or so underemployed people presently in the US are having an out-sized impact on the Fed’s decision not to raise rates. Contra: How raising rates could stimulate the economy.

My Dollar Ate It: Multinational corporations are blaming the strong dollar for poor performance.

Best in Class: Early indications are that the class of 2016 could graduate into the best job market yet for Milennials.


Remote Locations: Demand for medical office buildings is increasing in areas not adjacent to hospitals.

Ridiculous Rents: Starter apartments in San Francisco and Manhattan literally don’t exist.


Blip or Trend: Is the recent increase in the home ownership rate the beginning of an uptrend or merely a blip in a long term downtrend?

Disappearing Act: First time home buyers made up a substantially lower share of the market for existing home sales in September than they did in August.  As with the home ownership rate, it’s too early to tell if this is a trend or just a blip.

Flip? We’ve heard a lot about Millennials living in their parents basements, are the tables about to turn?

Prices Starting at $115MM: Welcome to Bel Air’s trophy home boom.


No Need to Bring Your Wallet: The eyeball-scanning ATM is about to become a reality.

Don’t Believe the Hype: Yahoo is claiming Super Bowl-esque ratings for their streaming feed of the Jaguars vs Bills game in London last weekend. Here is why it’s complete BS. The first clue was that there is no way that 33.6 million people would actually watch the Jags or Bills.

Green Holy Grail: Private startups are increasingly funding research into fusion technology, the magic bullet of green energy. If successful they will literally change the world.

What Goes Up… The boom in Bitcoin startups is coming back to earth as VCs pull in their horns.

The Missing Boom: Attempts to regulate greenhouse gasses should have resulted in a nuclear power renaissance. It didn’t and here’s why.


Nation of Wimps: Some colleges are now employing Halloween Costume Sensitivity Consultants to confer with students as to whether or not their costumes are offensive so put that Bruce Jenner costume away.

Poetic Justice: Dog named “Trigger” steps on gun.  Shoots owner.  Perhaps they should have named him “Safety” instead.

Only in the South: A Memphis Grizzlies fan won free tater tots for life by hitting a half court shot

Video of the Week: Check out this amazing video of an orca punting a harbor seal 80 feet in the air with it’s tail.

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Landmark Links October 30th – Inverted

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