Landmark Links November 3rd – Time to Get Busy


Lead Story…. For years, China has attempted to control it’s already-massive population through a state mandated one-child policy.  However, things aren’t so good these days as the newly capitalist country faces the harsh reality of an aging population and a tanking economy that the government has been unable to stem through stimulus.  The latest strategy: China is ditching it’s one-child policy in an effort to stimulate economic growth.


Not Buying It: The Fed left the possibility of a December rate hike open last week but still has one voter left to win over – the bond market.

Sluggish Shippers: The shipping industry has continued to struggle. The commodity crash and a lack of demand from China isn’t helping.

Joining the Crowd: The SEC finally released its long-awaited regulations for crowd funding. It’s not just for accredited investors anymore.

Hot Hotels: In case you were wondering, the hospitality space is still on fire.

The New Model: Retailers are increasingly reliant on large distribution centers sourcing products to small urban warehouses rather than shipping directly to stores.

Commercial Condos: Retail condos which dominate much of Manhattan have never been more popular.


Uneven Recovery: Single family starts have recovered in a few areas. Not so much for the majority of the country though.  Here’s one theory as to why.

Flipping Out: It’s getting tougher out there for flippers as home prices rise and most of the low hanging fruit is gone.  The best ones are surviving by finding creative ways to source off market properties.

Condo Comeback: According to Zillow, condos are now appreciating at a quicker pace than single family homes again.


Beware a Good Narrative: Blood test startup Theranos had such a great narrative (young engaging founder, noble mission, disruptive technology) that many investors and talking heads took everything that it said at face value despite a reluctance to allow peer review.  Bad move.

Catching a Wave: Here’s how a $99 dollar surfboard sold only at Costco is wreaking havoc on the surfing industry by following a business plan that the surfing industry has never seen before.

Divide and Conquer: Ride hailing startup Uber takes no prisoners when it finds a city that it wants to move in to.  Here’s how they do it.

Craving Something Cheesy: A new study finds that cheese and heroin have a similar addictive effect on the brain.  It’s official.  I’m a junkie.

Evolution: Coyotes have moved beyond the Great Plains and thrived like never before as a result of cross breeding with wolves and dogs.

Drill Baby Drill: The oil crash has caused a slowdown in many prime fracking markets.  However, West Texas drillers continue to drill in the Permian Basin, one of the few places where the economics still make sense.

Chart of the Day


Eight Laterals: Miami’s game winning kickoff return against Duke on Saturday may have been the most bizarre play in college football history.  It also had at least four penalties/errors that should have been overturned by the refs and replay crew, all of whom have been suspended by the ACC.

Name Hall of Fame: The Detroit Lions fired their offensive coordinator last week and promoted a man named Jim Bob Cooter to call their plays.  If it doesn’t work out for him, he could always sign on with Woody Johnson and the Jets.

Here Kitty, Kitty: A drunken fool broke into a zoo to try to pet a tiger on Halloween. Shockingly, the tiger didn’t like that and bit her.  Even more shockingly, it didn’t happen in Florida.  (h/t Beth Salamon)

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Landmark Links November 3rd – Time to Get Busy

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