Landmark Links August 2nd – Summer Fun



Blah: Seven years later, the current recovery is still the weakest of the post WWII era.  This should come as no surprise if you know anything about credit recessions versus more typical inventory cycle recessions.  See Also: What is the shrinking yield curve really telling us?


White Hot: While local housing remains soft, industrial developers can’t build 1MM+ sf Class-A industrial buildings fast enough to keep up with demand in the prime portions of the Inland Empire, the top distribution market in the US. See Also: The growing logistics business is spurring a resurgence in spec industrial development in San Diego.  (h/t Tom Farrell)


Which Way From Here: Home ownership rates are now at 5-decade lows.  However, future demographic trends have led to a contentious debate over whether they are bottoming or have much further to fall.

Rich People Problems: Property and HOA disputes in wealthy communities are an attorneys dream come true.

That Sinking Feeling: San Francisco’s Millennium Tower, a 58-story condo project is home to A-list stars and tech titans.  The tower features units that sell for up to $10MM dollars a pop.  It’s also sunk 16 inches since completion in 2008 and tilted 2 inches to the northwest so buying a condo there (or being in the general vicinity of the building) might not be a great investment.  (h/t John Medford)


Ya Think: A new study finds that swimming in the LA River may be hazardous to your health.  In other obvious news, the water in the LA River is also wet. (h/t Chris Gomez-Ortigoza)

Useful Information: A new app called Weepo allows users to check the male-to-female ratio at a given bar or club before heading out rather that unwittingly ending up at a sausage party.

Hard Nut to Crack: Apple is struggling to gain traction in the TV space like it did in the music space as its assertive negotiating style alienates cable providers and networks.

Chart of the Day

You had better graduate if you take out a student loan.

Likelihood of homeownership relative to a high school graduate without student loans

Source: Fannie Mae


Self Awareness Award of the Week: Paris Hilton thinks she is a target for ISIS, primarily because Paris Hilton is an idiot.

This Makes Sense: Arguably the best ping pong player in the world has a secret weapon: booze.

FAIL: Overeager animal rights activists purchased a 100 year old, 15 lb lobster from a Florida restaurant and shipped him to an aquarium in Maine in a styrofoam container with ice and gel packs.  The lobster was dead on arrival when he reached the aquarium because the activists didn’t have a clue as to what they were doing and didn’t include nearly enough ice.  This is a tragedy as I’m sure the lobster was delicious.

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Landmark Links August 2nd – Summer Fun

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