Landmark Links December 20th – And To All A Good Night


Quick programming note: this will likely be the last Landmark Links for 2016 as I take some much needed time off to hang out with my family and relax.  If I see something particularly interesting, I may post it.  If not, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  If you need me, I’ll be consuming as much booze, meat and cheese as possible and watching so much football that my head explodes.


Productivity Dilemma: US factories are working again.  US factory workers?  Not so much. Contra: The economy is raring to go but crumbling infrastructure and businesses unwilling to pay up are holding it back.

Low Value: Wall Street’s annual stock forecasts are almost always bullish and very  frequently wrong.


The Upside of Hoarding: Self storage construction is booming in the US as people continue to buy more stuff……which is a good thing.


Identity Crisis: The new suburbs are starting to look quite a bit more urban than they used to.


Told Ya So: Some millennials are turning to plastic surgery to repair over-piercings and remove visible tattoos after coming to the realization that they aren’t going to make it as a rock star, athlete or actor and will likely have to interview for a job.

Meme Game: 2016 will go down as the year that memes took over social media and possibly the world.

On the Bright Side: The soaring dollar is making for some incredible foreign vacation deals right now.

Chart of the Day 

Don’t be an idiot


Source: The Poke


Busted: Peruvian police dressed up as Santa Claus to arrest a drug dealer and the pictures are hysterical.

Bottoms Up: Cuba is short of cash and offering to pay the debt that it owes to the Czech Republic with rum.

Hero: A sex store worker in San Bernardino helped to chase off an armed robber by throwing sex toys at him.

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Landmark Links December 20th – And To All A Good Night

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